Bank Reconciliation Why it is Important?

Published: 21st May 2010
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Bank reconciliation is the method of comparing and matching figures from the accounting bookkeeping records against those revealed on a bank statement. The effect is that several financial transactions in the bookkeeping accounting records not found on the bank statement are said to be exceptional. To keep a financial transactions record of your bank statement of your business up-to-date is very essential for business. This procedure and track record enables business proprietor to create their own financial transaction reports as and when it is required. It will also supportive in analyzing business situation in market and also assists to make some essential decisions for business.

Bank reconciliation allows companies or individuals to evaluate their account records to the bank's records of their account balance in order to expose any possible discrepancies. Discrepancies could include: cheques recorded as a lesser amount than what was accessible to the bank; money received but not lodged; or payments taken from the bank account without the business's knowledge. A bank reconciliation prepared regularly can reduce the number of mistakes in an accounts system and create it easier to find missing purchases and sales invoices.

When the company or business receives the bank statement, the company should confirm that the amounts on the bank statement are alike with the amounts in the company's cash account or in general ledger, this method recognized as reconcilement of accounts, bank statement reconciliation or bank reconciliation. The company or business should do bank reconciliation every month to know the position of your dissimilar accounts and this will assist you to make balance sheet at the end of the financial year and balance sheet will explain the growth rate of your business.

It is significant to do bank reconciliation and if you are not doing it then you might be enchanting major risks for your business for the reason that without bank reconciliation, you may not have a clear idea that how much cash is presented in your account and it may be disturbing bank transactions.

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